Location: Stepantsminda, Georgia
Date: July 2015

No, the state of Georgia didn’t suddenly acquire a mountain range. Stepantsminda is located in the very north central portion of the Republic of Georgia, about 10 miles south of the Russian border. I like to go off the beaten path, so a trip to this town sounded right up my alley.

Just outside the town, is Mt. Kazbek, the seventh-highest peak in the Caucasus Mountains, sitting at 16,558 feet. And just below Mt. Kazbek is a tiny church that overlooks Stepantsminda. A quick Google image search was all I needed to know I wanted to see this church for myself. It wasn’t an easy feat to get here as we battled flooded roads, mountain roads, and cows. The view I present here is from the hotel we stayed in (a surprisingly luxury hotel for such a remote town). The church is clearly visible on the left side of the photo. If you like a challenge, make plans to visit. You won’t regret it.

Kazbegi Georgia July 2015

FullSizeRender 6

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