Location: Monastery of Jeronimos, Lisbon, Portugal
Date: October 2013

You might recall that in October 2013, the United States government went through a three-week shutdown. At the time I was working for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and I entered the shutdown with a little bit of trepidation not knowing when (or if) I’d get paid next and when we’d be going back to work. I spent the next two weeks cleaning and baking like mad. I think I only spent $1.87 during those two weeks to buy a bottle of water one morning before going to volunteer at a food pantry.

By the time week three rolled around, I was antsy and stir-crazy. I also was nervous about the fact that I had a previously planned trip to Portugal coming up. Turns out, Congress passed a budget, I went back to work for one day and then boarded a plane the next … turning my three weeks out of the office into a little more than four. The image above was the first thing I saw when we landed in Lisbon. It was a beautiful day and a great way to stretch our legs after an overnight flight. The monastery dates back to 1495, and the inside is even more spectacular than the outside!

Portugal Lisbon Monastery of Jeronimos October 2013



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