A second career in breaking and entering?


Last night I discovered I have unknown talents when I had to break into my own apartment.

My roommate got home before I did last night, but mistakeningly thought my bedroom light was on, and therefore, locked up for the night – including the chain lock. So, when I sauntered home at 11:30, the door wouldn’t open, and my roommate apparently sleeps like the dead.  She didn’t wake up after the seven phone calls.  She didn’t wake up after the two text messages.  She didn’t wake up after banging on the door for 20 minutes.  And she didn’t wake up after yelling her name into the darkened apartment.

As I stood outside my home, just feet away from my nice cozy bed, I deliberated my next move.  I could see if any of my friends were awake and crash at their place.  I could check into the hotel across the street.  Or I could sleep in my car.  Nothing sounded as appealing as my own bed.

And while I was forcefully trying to open the door and break the chain out of frustration, a light bulb went off.  I knew the only way to open the door was to get the chain off the wall.  I had a key and enough room to use it as a screwdriver.  It took about 10 minutes, but I finally got both screws out and made it inside.

This experience has made me even question the point of having a chain lock.  It’s only going to slow the intruder down.  Granted, I had a key for the deadbolt, but if someone is determined enough, they’ll get in.  And judging from the way my roommate sleeps, she’d never hear a thing!

So no worries Emily! I made it in and had a late-night adventure in the process.  It’s a good thing our mail key is small enough to fit the screws . . . otherwise I would have been really screwed!

3 thoughts on “A second career in breaking and entering?

  1. Because I don’t feel bad enough already. This was one of the few nights I turned my phone on silent because I haven’t been sleeping well and didn’t want to wake up from any potential late night phone calls. Go figure. Mix that with the fan and a/c running and there was no waking me when I finally fell asleep.

    Thanks for being so good natured about it, and again I’m really sorry.


  2. I always knew you you could handle almost any situtation that hit you in the face. Good job breaking in. Hopefully you only break into your own home.


  3. HAH! I can’t believe you got in…actually I do believe it. You are very resourceful. I question our locks everytime I use them….especially window locks. I’m thinking about investing in an alarm.


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